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My work experience in a mostly short and sweet format, but you can always find more about my professional life on my LinkedIn profile.

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A driven and detail oriented software developer and IT specialist, with experience spanning sales, communications, and computer science. Passionate about well designed software and hardware, with robust and thoughtful technology architectures. Believes that proper project planning and management can enrich and improve any product. Experienced IT consultant specializing in OS X and iOS.


Software Developer - University of Tennessee Libraries | 2010 - Present

Supported the evaluation of a university-wide scientific data repository through the deployment, testing, and evaluation of DSpace and Hydra. Deployed ActiveCollab as an internal project management and collaboration tool. Evangelized and consulted teams in project planning and management. Deployed and administered a streaming server and SAN using Wowza Media Server and Xsan. Ensured broad availability of streaming content to mobile devices and diverse clients on campus. Developed a digital signage system using OS X, webkit, PHP, and WordPress. Designed, tested, and deployed an identification card system for the library. Represented the Knoxville campus on the University of Tennessee Technology Review Board. Served as tier 3 support for Mac and Windows management.

Operations Manager - Tennessee Journalist | 2006 - 2013

Responsible for all technical and operational functions at the Tennessee Journalist. Developed and maintained Ochs, a purpose-built CMS using Django. Continued improvements to the user interface, front-end, and newsroom workflow. Provided general operational support to students and faculty.

IT Assistant - University of Tennessee College of Business | 2009 - 2010

Deployed and maintained a 20-seat iMac lab with golden triangle authentication against Active Directory and Open Directory. Deployed and managed OS X Server running OD, Wiki Server, Software Update and file services. Configured managed preferences for college Macs. Provided second tier desktop support.

Mac Specialist - Apple Store | 2008 - 2009

Sold Macs, iPhones, iPods and more, enriched lives, & trained customers in occasional personal training sessions. Provided business consultations on professional Apple products. Member of the visuals team.

Apple Campus Rep - Apple | 2006 - 2008

Facilitated sales, support and marketing efforts for Apple at UT. Developed Apple solutions for UT students, faculty, staff and departments. Implemented marketing plans and coordinated special events.


Bachelor of Science - University of Tennessee

Majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media

Minoring in Information Science and Technology

Awards - Honors

Apple WWDC Student Scholarship | 2007, 2008, 2009

Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council | 2008 - 2009

OIT Technical Review Board - UT Knoxville Representative | 2011

Joseph Agreda
I am a generalist and detail driven individual with IT and sales experience in consumer and professional technology areas. Professional and passionate, I’m obsessed with new technologies and the details that drive them. I feel that when used properly, good planning and IT can greatly enrich everyone’s lives.
I love working in a high speed/pressure environment with smart and passionate people. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible given the right approach. If I come across something I don't know or understand, I obsessively research and study it until I do. I consider any technical problem a challenge, or a puzzle, which I delight in solving.
-IT Assistant, UT College of Business; Jan. 2009-Current
-- Summary --
Deployed a 20-seat iMac lab with golden triangle authentication against Active Directory and our Open Directory. Deployed an Xserve running OD, Wiki Server, Software Update and file services. Configured managed preferences for college Macs. Deployed an instance of Trac.
-- Skills --
Mac OS X Server, Wiki Server, Open Directory, Golden Triangle, Remote Desktop/Remote Management, Parallels deployment, Mac Office Pharos print server, help desk, Trac deployment.
-Operations Manager, Tennessee Journalist; Nov. 2006-Current
-- Summary --
Managed or performed nearly all technical and operational duties for the Tennessee Journalist. Contributed to Ochs, a purpose made CMS built with Django. Sought user feedback on interface elements and integrations preferences.
-- Skills --
Python, Django, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, RSS, Atom, Apache, Subversion, Open Source Software, Objective-C, iPhone Development, Organizational Communications, Google Apps, Mac OS X Server administration.
-Mac Specialist, Apple Store West Town Mall - Apple, Inc.; Sept. 2008-January 2009
-- Summary --
Developed complete solutions to meet customer needs. Provided first stage support and troubleshot iPods, iPhones, and Macs before scheduling technical support appointments. Assisted in the training of customers through occasional personal training sessions. Provided business consultations on Mac server products.
-- Skills --
Customer service, business solutions, sales, iLife, iWork, Mac OS X, iPod, iPhone, technical support, point-of-sale, business team, visuals team.
-Apple Campus Rep, Volt Technical Services - Apple, Inc.; Mar. 2006-June 2008
-- Summary --
Facilitated sales, support and marketing efforts for Apple at UT. Developed Apple solutions for UT students, faculty, staff and departments. Coordinated campus and student groups in the execution of large-scale events. Developed and deployed innovative marketing tools utilizing OS X technologies. Notably, opened up the College of Business to the Mac.
-- Skills --
Sales, Marketing, Apple Product Professional, Presentation, iLife, iWork - Keynote, iTunes U, Quartz Composer, Automator, Mac Business Solutions, Virtualization, CalDAV, Mac OS X.
-Student Library Assistant, The Studio - Hodges Media Center - UT Libraries; Knoxville, TN - Aug. 2006-Sept. 2007
-- Summary --
Assisted students, faculty, and staff one-to-one in the creation of digital media projects primarily utilizing iLife and Final Cut Studio. Troubleshot issues related to video capture, editing, and production.
-- Skills --
Teaching, Organization, iLife, Final Cut Studio, HD Capture/Editing, Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Apple Remote Desktop.
-Assistant, Digital Media Service - OIT; Knoxville, TN - Sept. 2005-Aug. 2006
-- Summary --
Converted/produced various forms of analog or recorded media such as slides, film, books and video to digital formats. Participated in process improvement/optimization and design. Created animations using Motion and Final Cut Pro.
-- Skills --
Video Production, Audio Production, Digital Texts, Final Cut Studio, HD Capture/Editing, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Analog-Digital Conversion, Process Optimization, Xserve, Xserve RAID.
-Student Assistant, University Center Computer Store; Knoxville, TN - Sept. 2004-Sept. 2005
-- Summary --
Facilitated sales of Apple and PC hardware and software. Performed troubleshooting and repair of Macs and generic PCs. Participated in upkeep of store’s Macs and other systems. Assisted in presentation and marketing.
-- Skills --
Sales, ASW, GSX, ASD, Apple Product Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, Point of Sale Systems, Microsoft Office (Mac and PC), Apple Remote Desktop.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN — BS, majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media, minor in Information Sciences
A W A R D S - H O N O R S
-Apple WWDC Student Scholarship; 2007, 2008, 2009.
-- Summary --
For their World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple offers a scholarship program for qualified student developers to attend the conference. To qualify, I had to submit a resume, interest profile and several short essays on why I wished to attend.
-Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council; 2008-2009
-- Summary --
I was nominated and served on the undergraduate advisory council for the College of Communication and Information at the University of Tennessee. Myself and representatives from the other programs in the college met regularly with the dean to discuss college resources, needs, and improvements.
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